Wednesday, September 11, 2013

an afternoon on the upper east side

Last week, I spent a few days in New York for work. The weather was perfect and although it was busy, I was able to hit a few great restaurants and sights. I started with lunch at Candle 79, a vegan restaurant on East 79th. I can't tell you how much I loved this place - stuffed avocado with quinoa, black beans, corn, radish, tomatoes, spicy pepitas and cucumber with a chipotle dressing. I will absolutely go here again. I attempted a recreation at home this week - tasted good, didn't photograph so well.

the nicer looking original, instead of home chop-shop job
I walked to the Guggenheim and saw James Turrell's exhibit, Aten Reign. The installion fills the rotunda and there is large mat for visitors to lie down on and look up at the ceiling.
I took my spot on the mat, surrounded by German, Japanese and French tourists. The rotunda color changes from pink to purple to blue to grey and so on. Very calming.
After the museum, I headed to Sarabeth's, where I had a pot of tea and a current scone.
It was a great New York afternoon; the Upper East side can be so quiet. Later that night, back in mid-town, I went to Vitae for dinner. I had the most delicious shrimp risotto. The week got busier as my colleague and I were taking students to corporate visits on Wall Street - lots of rushing around but a great time.
lots of this and lots of suits

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