Tuesday, September 6, 2011

No more plain turkey and cheese, please!

I have this great friend in DC, who says she always fails at lunch. All the time. It is so easy to do. Packing interesting lunches takes a little pre-planning but is totally doable. I am over my boring turkey and cheese sandwich - here is what I am munching today...

Smoked Salmon Pita Pocket
whole wheat pita bread
red pepper hummus
horseradish cheddar (or any cheese you like)
sliced salmon lox
romaine lettuce
few drops of Blaze balsamic glace
Microwave for about 10 seconds so you can easily open pita pocket.

Vance and I love lox in wraps, salads, pasta...everything!

I am going to finish my lunch, hope you give a pita pocket a try this week. Stuff them with tomatoes and mozzarella, roasted vegetables...even your standard lunch meats with some fun cheeses and add-ins like red bell pepper, avocado and sprouts.

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