Wednesday, March 7, 2012

can't get enough avocado

Right? Couldn't you just eat avocado on everything? Burgers, turkey wraps, fluffy omelets, the list goes on. A few weeks ago, I saw a recipe on Full Measure of Happiness for avocado and eggs on toast. So simple - why have I not smashed a ripe avocado onto toast before? Easy. Delicious. Breakfast for dinner - just our style.
Toasted whole grain bread, avocado (ripe) spread evenly, sliced tomato, little S&P, eggs over medium or as you like them. Served here with Alexia* sweet potato fries. I added a little Tabasco at the end - amazing. Why is this so good? What do you put avocado on? 

On a side note, I got a text from my buddy, Josh, last night. He said he made a sausage and pasta dish inspired by this posting from a few weeks ago. Thanks, Josh! That totally made my day. Night all - I am going to bed to dream about avocado.

*Alexia coupons can often be found through and - awesome frozen rolls and fries.

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