Tuesday, June 5, 2012

365 days of loving, learning & laughing

 This post is dedicated to my husband, Vance. A year ago, we promised to always love, respect and care for one another. The first year of our marriage has been full of new things - a new city, new careers for us both, and the first time really living away from friends and family...but we did it all together.
things learned during the first year of marriage
Vance knows how to make a ceiling fan stop making that clicking sound.
My husband sometimes leaves Red Box DVDs in his car for like a week instead of returning them the next day.
It is possible to be married to a surgical intern and still have dinner together most nights of week.
Vance makes some mean eggs 'n sausage.
Just trying to jazz up some salmon with lemon can result in fish that is just bitter like a lemon.
When you get stressed - you will make a mistake - and likely break or drop something.
I don't need to raise my voice to get my point across.
When you are married, you buy lots of cards (2 Father's Day cards, 2 Mother's Day cards, etc.).
I don't need to try a brand new recipe every night - not even every week.
Two Manhattans and red wine with dinner is too much - for pretty much everyone.
Date nights are even more fun when you are married.
Vance can handle the drama of a snake - I cannot; he can handle a lot of things that I can't.
Eight years ago I told all my girlfriends that I met the man I was going to marry - I was way right. 
This was a good decision.
Here's to always checkin' each other out.

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  1. this is so sweet! a wonderful couple :)
    miss you guys!