Monday, July 23, 2012

a sparkle too aggressive?

One of my oldest and best friends, Jen, came to Nashville for the weekend. We had a great few days, starting the weekend with a sparkling wine and cheese tasting. It was interesting to hear the sommelier describe each wine and how it paired with the cheeses. Bready, fizzy, aromatic...aggressive - all interesting terms to describe our wines. Jen and I both enjoyed Lumasinna, a light Italian sparkler.
Clockwise -Bucheron (semi-soft), Gruyere (firm), Camembert (soft), Point Reyes Blue (medium-soft) & Manchego (hard)
Cheers with Bottex Le Cueille!
On Saturday, we hit some great shops like World Market and had dinner at The Wild Cow in East Nashville. Jen has been a vegetarian since the start of the year, so this was the perfect occasion to try a new vegan restaurant. I had a great black bean burger with a pineapple slaw. 
Sunday morning we went to Fido and had a delicious brunch. Eggs Benedict on toasted whole grain bread, yellow heirloom tomatoes, and wilted spinach - definitely a dish to make before fresh tomatoes are gone. 
Friends (like fine wine) get better with is to another 20 plus years of friendship!
Fun fact - when opening a sparkling wine, do your best to remove the cork slowly (so it makes the sigh of a woman) as opposed to popping the cork. This method helps not to bruise the wine.

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