Friday, July 22, 2011

The Art of Hostess-Gift Giving

A few days ago, one of my girlfriends asked for a few suggestions for a hostess gift (for her boyfriend's mother - pressure!!) Finding an appropriate and non-blasé gift can be quite a challenge. Outside of the standard bottle of wine, a few other things could include pretty dinner and/or cocktail napkins from Caspari.
Kitchen towels - especially some that really jump out at you like these from World Market:
Indoor House Plant (if the recipient is in a house or apartment with balcony/natural light)

Gourmet Coffee/Tea
(maybe from a local shop like Breads 'n Cheese of Hershey, Pennsylvania)
If you are not sure if the person drinks flavored coffees, go with something safe like a Breakfast Blend (light roast) or perhaps beans form an exotic place. Breads 'n Cheese carries a dark roast called Malawi Mapanga.

Something unique from where you live - for example if living in DC, bring some Cowgirl Creamery cheese or Baked 'n Wired treats.

Cowgirl Creamery on F Street

Real Simple chimes in on this quandry with some great ideas, even broken down by season. How about some nautical soap when you visit a friend or family member's beach house?

To show some TN love...local picks!
Put together a basket of breakfast goodies like biscuit mix and jam.

and of course...

And when all else fails, you get a last minute invite, you do not plan ahead, the week escapes you, don't go empty handed - for the classic and reliable.
My personal favorite, Chateau St. Michelle Sauvignon Blanc

A Clark Family staple, Red Diamond Merlot.
Rosemont Pinot - if you are not sure if the host/hostess likes red, this is a nice light option.

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  1. Trying to count how many of these fabulous gifts I've gotten from you. At least four I can think of :) You're always such a great friend. Love the new blog!!! Miss you <3