Sunday, July 24, 2011

A glass for everyday of the year

One of the things I love to collect is glassware. My parents are avid antiquers, so at a young age (as my brother and I were dragged around to antique shows in the sweltering heat) I began to acquire all types of glasses. My collection truly started with "swanky swigs" or jars that held Kraft products, jelly, etc. in the 1950's. The glasses are the perfect size for juice. I probably have about 15 of these puppies (I think I was a little overzealous as a girl, and when I was buying them they were only about $5 to $8).
Perfect for juice - but not dishwasher safe!

Here are some excerpts from our glass collection (the modern and standard wine, martini, champagne are not included - see Bed, Bath and Beyond and Macy's).
Sour cream glasses, also from the fifties. Sometimes you can find ones with lids which are pretty cool.
Great for a small cocktail, milk or water.
Nothing says summer to me like a tall vodka 'n tonic in a frosted glass. These are from my parents
and are a bit vintage (maybe 60's).
Vance hates the feeling of frosted glass so I must use these all on my own.
Thank you again to Mom and Dad for helping me with my pressed glass collection, circa early 1900's.

Some retro wineware. This is like Christmas - in a glass.
A gem in my collection! When I (like every other 20 something female) went crazy over Madmen a few years ago,  my dad and I found these in a PA antique shop. Santa brought them a few months later! Circa 1960's - champagne anyone?
This is actually a pick from Vance's collection (although he may not even know that).  Gift from my parents - a 50's martini shaker and glass set - very hip.
A steal at $1.95 a glass. Purchased these on vacation in Colonial Williamsburg a few years ago.
Gifts from my friends...
Michelle W. - keeping an eye out in NYC for things that would tickle my fancy. I am tickled - tickled pink by these depression ware reproduction glasses from Fish Eddy.
An appropriate and fun birthday gift from L. Courtney! World Market is too clever.
2 of a set of 8 from my Aunt Suzanne in PA. Great shower present - vintage pressed glass.
Classy cut crystal from the ever classy Koch's - and a bottle of Maker's 46 - this is what true friendship is made of. They even gave us 4 glasses for when they come to visit!
And what good is a cocktail - if you don't have a great stirer?  These are from various hotels, lounges and restaurants across America - brought to me through antique shops at about a dollar a pop.
This fantastic pitcher and glasses are safely packed away from right now (until we get a house). A gift from my cousin and her husband. The awesome set is from his shop - Anchor Bend Glass in Newport, RI. Beautiful glass!
Well that is all for now, drink up everyone! Cheers!

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  1. i miss your glasses! so glad to hear you're doing well :)