Tuesday, April 17, 2012

she (still) loves birds

One of my dearest girlfriends, Meredith, worked for an upper end clothing retailer for a number of years post college. As you would imagine, Mer's wardrobe is insanely amazing and because she is so kind and generous she would often send along packages with sweaters, purses, soaps, etc. from sample sales. When Mer's colleagues (creative and such) would discuss who they designed for they referred to this client as she. She loves brass details on her bags. She loves color blocking this season. She loves birds - this one is a from a few seasons ago, yet still applies to many of us. I (still) love birds (hence my blog design).
Via Etsy
Lenox Chirp - massively overproduced and likely in your local Marshall's

Gorjana Owl Necklace
Absolutely Audrey

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